Umfang: 1 x 20 min Vorgespräch, 3 x 60 min gemeinsames Zeichnen/Unterricht.

Den Zoom-Zugangslink erhalten Sie nach Zahlungseingang am Tag der Veranstaltung. Die Termine stimmen wir gemeinsam ab.


Zeichnen ganz einfach – für Beginner und Fortgeschrittene! Für alle, die einen kreativen Kick benötigen, zusammen mit mir an ihren Techniken feilen oder eine neue Technik erlernen wollen. Das Coaching findet online über Zoom statt.

Umfang: 1 x 20 min Vorgespräch, 3 x 60 min gemeinsames Zeichnen/Unterricht.


1 thought on “202ZC Zeichencoaching Basics

  1. Lesen Sie hier eine Bewertung von Kristine B. (Ventura, Californien/USA) zu meinem Zeichencoaching:

    I am new to drawing and lack confidence in my ability. Antje helped me to express myself in small ways with unique drawing projects. She was so helpful and encouraging in getting me to see that perfection is not the goal in creativity. That posting my work on Instagram is a way of letting go of perfectionism even if I thought the drawing was „bad“. The goal for my creativity became more about just doing the drawing or painting – everyday – and not about how it turned out. Progress not perfection. I enjoyed our mentorship. We exchanged drawings and her input for improvement was so gentle and kind. I felt very safe in showing Antje my daily drawings. I have a daily drawing routine now and though I still have trouble seeing my own progress, if I flip back through my sketches/paintings it is clearly getting better! Thank you Antje for your patience and kindness to help me stick with my drawing practice and continue to try new creative things.

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